Abhimanyu Maheshwari

Founder & CEO, Zing Restaurants

Abhimanyu Maheshwari is the Founder of ‘Zing Restaurants’. Zing operates a bouquet of brands, including ‘Rang De Basanti Dhaba’ (RDBD), which is the biggest North Indian brand in East India by volume, and the newly launched ‘Asia! Asia! Asia!’, which aims to bring the best of Asian Streets under one roof. RDBD is operational across 12 In-Dine / Cloud Kitchen locations across Kolkata, Bangalore and Guwahati.

Abhimanyu was also the founder of ‘Yumist’. Based out of Gurgaon, ‘Yumist’ was amongst India’s first food-tech companies, before ‘food-tech’ became mainstream.

Abhimanyu’s tryst with F&B began as a sandwich maker at Subway, where he worked part-time during his undergraduate degree in Rochester, NY. That, he believes, gave him a ‘ground-zero’ insight into the inner workings of a F&B chain operation.

Abhimanyu has a keen interest in technology and its role as a force multiplier, and firmly believes that any modern business that is building for any reasonable scale has to have an underlying layer of tech that synchronizes everything together. This philosophy extends to Zing as well.

Besides RDBD, Zing also operates ‘Deja Bowl’ and ‘Rosy Roti’ which are delivery-only brands built around daily comfort meals and convenience.


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