Achal Gupta

Founder & CEO, JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort

Achal Gupta is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO OF JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort, India’s best recognized luxury pet care facility, retail and spa.

As a young budding entrepreneur, Achal knitted into pet industry from a cliched engineering-MBA life.

Born and brought up in the capital, Achal Gupta is an avid animal lover and conceived the idea of this venture when he had to travel abroad and couldn’t find a trust worthy and responsible pet care boarding facility to board his dear dog Jeff. It was very heart breaking to see unhygienic living space shared with other dogs regardless of different temperament, size or energy levels and poor quality of meals being served and no proper canine experts.

After a nerve wrecking reality check, the disappointment supervened Achal’s life to quit his existing job and work towards creating a stress-free adobe for Jeff and his canine friends.

The quest to transmute his vison into reality, Achal travelled extensively for almost 7 months throughout the world (Canada, USA, UK, HK, China) to attend workshops, seminars with top canine experts for resourceful learning and understanding the pre requisites to convert his entrepreneurial skills and unwavering passion towards building a unique dog purposeful facility in India-JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort.

Established in 2018, JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort is leading its way as India’s most loved, responsible and happiest pet care facility. Certified by International Boarding and Pet Services Association, USA, JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort has unlocked a distinctive platform for canines and their companions with luxurious amenities, customized pet care services and specialty products. Expanding its wings in 2020 with a retail and spa outlet, JEFFURRY’S as a brand is showing a tremendous month on month growth and is challenging the current pet industry in India with setting a benchmark as a structured and recognised retail, spa and pet care facility. During difficult corona times, JEFFURRY’S was able to serve and achieve a positive balance sheet.


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