Harry Hakuei Kosato

Founder and Managing Director, Sushi and More

Harry-san is a parallel entrepreneur, social psychologist, and sushi curator. LSE and Oxford educated, he launched Virgin and Dyson in Japan as Head of Marketing, but he started out as a qualified international tax expert. Now he wears many hats and runs projects as diverse as Sushi and More (India’s first and largest multi-city chain of sushi outlets) to Dr Smart Money (a social impact project) in Oxford. A Guinness Book of World Records holder, awarded a Good Design Award, but can’t drive a car. Still studying at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich for a doctorate. Loves simple food, books, and yoga. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts*. Lives in Mumbai & Singapore. TEDx speaker. Interviewed Investor Jim Rogers and contributed to Amazon No1 Bestsellers in Japan.

* Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

Past and current Fellows include leading activists, artists, writers, journalists and former politicians who have made significant contributions to their fields. Previous Fellows have included Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens, Karl Marx and Benjamin Franklin.


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