Founder, Canine India

Julia, the 33 year old founder of Canine India came to Madras from her native Germany with her husband Harish in 2016. After adopting her first Indie and seeing the sad status of the pet-food market as a consumer she was determined to help other pet-parents to do better and navigate the diet for their furry kids. 

Thus, Canine India was born in 2018 as the first manufacturer of species appropriate pet food in India – the first completely natural and organic range of high quality pet food accompanied by scientific, individual & personal advice in every regards of the pets well-being. 

Having studied law and journalism in Europe and the US, Canine India has always been a complete passion project out of her career plans for Julia and that shows in the massive care and love going into every piece of work at CI!

The foundation of Canine India are knowledge, passion and care – the main reason why everyone who works with CI gets up every morning happy to go to work is that we have the highest standards in the industry, we know what we do and we know it benefits the ones we care for the most – pets and streeties all over India!

Julia’s  belief is that species appropriate doesn’t stop with how we feed our dogs and cats but also how the animals that are used for meat get to live. Canine India only sources straight from the farms and prepare everything 100% by hand in-house. We are control freaks when it comes to our food!

Julia is convinced that commitment and compassion don’t have a price tag – when you are buying from Canine India you are supporting not only the health of your pet! Not only the truly caring and loving people who make the food and their families, not only the 150 streets we take care off, not only the first generation that is able to afford English classes for many of our lovely team kids’ – it also supports rural communities and ancient practice. Julia fell in love with true Indian Culture and we always go the extra mile to keep things natural and that includes enabling farming and fishing communities that practice resourceful work. 

Since Canine India has started, Julia has personally consulted and guided thousands of pet-parents, shelters and even vets. The little Instagram shop has turned into a wide spread , self funded Company that enables many to live a better life – 2 and 4 legged ones.

Julia has changed in the Indian pet food market with Canine India and will continue to set new trends for the industry!


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