Nitin Dixit

Co-founder, Greenr Cafe

Nitin Dixit is Co-founder of Greenr Cafe and looks after strategy, product, and communications. He also writes on current affairs related to the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing humanity through his blog He was also the Co-creator of Mantra Herbal – an Ayurveda personal care brand developed with Baidyanath in 2013.

In the past, he has played key development roles in shaping pioneering as well as established brands in India including The Park Hotels, Ishana Lifestyle Retail at Delhi International Airport (2011-2018), O2 Spa, Nitai Timeless Homes and others.

Prior to this, Nitin was active for several years with development work in the health and social sectors in India through his deep involvement and leadership within the Isha Foundation.

Educated at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Industrial and Systems Engineering, he started his career in Silicon Valley in the late 90s and worked for many years in the Technology Sector with prominent firms before embarking on a passionate and purposeful journey to find lasting business-oriented solutions to serious issues threatening personal health, social inclusion, and the environment.

In his personal time, Nitin enjoys yoga and meditation, philosophy, golf, nature, travel, and culture.


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