Yamika Damani

Founder & CEO, Clever Canine

Yamika Damani is a certified dog trainer and pet food entrepreneur having majority experience in and pioneering the frozen pet food and beverage category in India. She cumulatively has over 9 years in the pet industry in areas such as pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet health and pet food. Her brand of natural pet food and treats “Clever Canine” caters to needs of thousands of pet parents across India who are looking for the best and most reliable options for their pet dogs. Clever Canine is well known for innovations like Lickin’ Licious frozen yogurts for dogs in 6 flavours, freshly baked goods, subscription meal plans and more! Yamika is passionate about bringing unique and original products to the forefront of the Indian pet food industry. Her core strengths are product development and she has a dream of revolutionizing the way people think about pet food. 


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