A Coffee Table Book

Here is a book covering the whole gamut of the food, beverage, and confectionary industry in present-day India. It is essential reading for everyone from the ambitious entrepreneur to the discerning customer. This is the first publication of its kind: an up-to-the-minute survey of this key sector during one of the most challenging periods the world has ever seen, and packed with motivational accounts of striving, survival, and success. Readers are taken on a tour through the universe of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries from different angles and perspectives, as these establishments try, in their own unique and innovative ways, to navigate the pressures of the pandemic. These pages unfold stories about the innovative people who braved the Covid storm, and give a well-deserved platform to the ideas that helped infuse new life into the otherwise waning hopes of businesses all across the globe. This book is a tribute to those enterprises which not only managed to survive during these trying times, but advanced against all odds. It is also a celebration of all those start-ups who remained unfazed by risks and launched a new voyage as a restaurateur or a Cloud kitchen/dark kitchen owner.

Captured here are fascinating anecdotes by celebrated industry figures, offering a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the times when restaurants saw history in the making. These personal stories are a master-class in the intricacies involved in transitioning from on-premise restaurants to off-premise locations, shifting from traditional designs to new tech, and moving from the physical to the virtual.  

This book is an invaluable, latest addition to the saga of the food industry, presenting a ‘tasting platter’ of flavours from different cafes and adding some sweetness from the bakeries in the process. Stories of awakening to pioneering new concepts like ‘Eating with five senses’, ‘Going green’ and ‘Turning to tradition’ return us to the unique background of this book – a fight against the unseen adversary.

Last but not least influencers complete the narrative – the recipe for success – this book begins with. These influencers come from all categories: owners, chefs, developers, suppliers, and everyone directly and indirectly associated with the food and beverage industry. Their contributions get here the well-earned applause they deserve.

This book will leave the reader with unforgettable, kaleidoscopic pictures of the food industry, and an intimate understanding of how much the ‘Food Warriors’ contributed to society as a whole during this New Normal.