Food Connoisseurs India Conference 2022

After the huge success of the 1st edition, Industry Live is delighted to announce the 2nd edition of its flagship event FOOD CONNOISSEURS INDIA CONVENTION. The Indian food and beverage Industry is the single largest employer in the country in the service sector and accounts for 3% of India’s GDP. The convention aims to celebrate this industry and its trends, and provide a platform for deliberating upon issues that have emerged in specific sectors and brainstorm possible solutions.

While the first edition of the convention addressed changes and innovations at large, which emerged during the pandemic and helped chart future trajectories of growth, the second edition aims to focus on the latest trends, new-age set ups, the gap between the local and urban food sector, brand and capacity building, sustainability, the pet food industry, nightlife, and a lot more to do with the food business. This Convention aims to foreground the inventive ways in which different champions of the industry conquered the challenges of contemporary times, opening the door to greater profits and expansion.

FOOD CONNOISSEURS INDIA CONVENTION 2022 brings the industry’s celebrities and think tanks under one roof to discuss, debate, and reflect on the wide range of opportunities the food industry has to offer, which can help think about how best to tackle and overcome the hurdles in different sectors.


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